Troy Culture Route

Are you up for an adventure surrounded by nature's beauties, where dreams blend into reality, full of historical and cultural richness and local delicacies? Do you like hiking and biking tours? If your response is yes, the Troy Culture Route is just what you need.

The Troy Culture Route is located in Çanakkale (historical name Troas) and connects the Aegean and the Marmara seas on an east-west axis and Europe and Asia on a north-south axis. Archaelogical studies show that this region is one of the routes that the Anatolian populations used to migrate tothe European territories as of 7000 BC. Troas has never lost its significance over the course of history. It carries the traces of the Trojan Wars, the Hellens, Lidians, Persians, of Alexander the Great, Rome, Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire. Also, the Dardanelles Campaign was an indication of how the region played a key role in history in the way that it changed the course of world history as well as the First World War itself.

The Future is in Tourism Programme supports the Troy Culture Route and itstarts at Troy, the city made immortal by Homer's verses in the Iliad. It is where Paris eloped with Hellen and where the Trojan Wars took place. It is home to Priam's priceless treasures as per Schliemann and today is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The route is approximately 120 km long. It starts at the Antique City of Troy and ends at the Antique Harbour of Assos. Completing the entire route would take about 5-7 days depending on your pace in biking or hiking, the time spent at the villages, beaches and historical sites on the trail. The route consists of several stages, therefore it is also possible to do shorter or thematic tours.


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Itinerary 1: Troy - Yeniköy

Troy Museum - Çıplak 600 m, Çıplak - Kalafat 3 km, Kalafat - Yeniköy 13 km (Total: 16,6 km)

Troy . Troy Museum . Çıplak . Kalafat . Karamenderes (Skamandros) . Cezayirli Hasan PashaPavilion . Achilleion (Beşik - Yassıtepe) . Yeniköy

Itinerary 2: Yeniköy - Geyikli

Yeniköy - Üvecik 12 km, Üvecik - Bozköy 5 km, Bozköy - Geyikli 5 km (Total: 22 km)

Yeniköy . Üvecik . Çamoba . Bozköy - Hanaytepe . Bozköy . Geyikli

Itinerary 3: Geyikli - Akçakeçili

Geyikli - Dalyan 11 km, Dalyan - Akçakeçili 11 km (Total: 22 km)

Dalyan . Dalyan Antique Harbour . Alexandria Troas . Atticus Baths . Akçakeçili

Itinerary 4: Akçakeçili - Kösedere

Akçakeçili - Alemşah 4 km, Alemşah - Tavaklı 3 km, Tavaklı - Çamiçi 4 km, Çamiçi - Kösedere 4 km (Total: 15 km)

Akçakeçili . Alemşah . Tavaklı . Kösedere

Itinerary 5: Kösedere - Gülpınar

Kösedere - Gülpınar 17 km

Kösedere . Antique Roman Way . Roman Bridge . Apollon Smintheus (Smintheion) . Gülpınar

Itinerary 6: Gülpınar - Bademli

Gülpınar - Kocaköy 7 km, Kocaköy - Bademli 5 km (Total: 12 km)

Gülpınar . Kocaköy . Bademli Coşkuntepe

Itinerary 7: Bademli - Assos

Bademli - Koyunevi 2 km, Koyunevi - Bektaş 6 km, Bektaş - Koruoba 3 km, Koruoba - Korubaşı 2 km (Total: 13 km)

Korubaşı - Assos 11 km / Koruoba - Assos 12 km

Bademli . Koyunevi . Bektaş . Koruoba (Kuruoba) . Korubaşı . Assos


You can purchase the brochure and map of Troy Culture Route at the Troy Museum and the archaeological site of Troy, as well as at Troia Pension and Hisarlık Restaurant that are located at the entrance of Tevfikiye Village.

Troy Culture Route
Troy Culture Route

Troy Culture Route

It is a cultural and tourism project aiming to make the region's rich archaeological, historical and natural heritage visible by creating a hiking and cycling route starting from Troy and reaching Assos.






Archaeological Areas


Historical Areas

Getting There / Away

It is possible to reach three locations on the route from Çanakkale city center:

For reaching the starting point of the route at Troy, you can travel to Çıplak, Tevfikiye or Kalafat in half an hour with the village minibuses that depart from Çanakkale city center every hour. The Transportation Cooperative (Ahmet Akgül): 0090 543 666 11 04

Geyikli, which is the midpoint of the route, is about 60 km away and can be reached by buses departing from Çanakkale. Geyikli Travel: 0090 286 212 89 99

To reach the starting point of the route at Assos, you can use the bus companies that travel between Istanbul and Izmir and get out at Ayvacık or Küçükkuyu bus terminal in order to take the minibuses that commutes between the Terminal and Assos. Ayvacık Travel: 0286 217 21 41

Troy Culture Route

Troy Culture Route Project is supported by
Future is in Tourism which is implemented with the partnership of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Anadolu Efes.