About Us

It is a cultural and tourism project aiming to make the region's rich archaeological, historical and natural heritage visible by creating a hiking and cycling route starting from Troy and reaching Assos.

The Troy Culture Route Project is carried out by the Çanakkale History and Culture Foundation (ÇATKAV) and the Governorship of Çanakkale. It aims to preserve the cultural identity and heritage of the villages from Çanakkale to Assos, while strenghtening the bonds within the communities in the region. The Project is supported as part of the Future is in Tourism Programme run in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Anadolu Efes.

The project's goal is to implement the 120 km route that contains ancient trails between Çanakkale and Assos within a sustainable tourism framework, make the trail available to hikers and cyclists, and bring social and economic development to the villages on its way as a result.

The Project is being realised in the same year as the Year of Troy 2018 and is expected to contribute to the cultural and touristic values of the region and increase its tourism potential.

Troy Culture Route

From Troy to Assos, walking and biking routes for the passionates of nature, culture, and adventure.

Project team


Professional Tourist Guide, Hiking Route Advisor

Mustafa BOZ

Academician, Education Consultant


Project Coordinator


Project Manager

Rüstem ASLAN

Archaeological Advisor


Archeology and Local History Advisor

İsmail ERTEN

Local Architecture and Culture Consultant

Egemen ÇAKIR

Route Advisor


Troy Culture Route Project is supported by
Future is in Tourism which is implemented with the partnership of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Anadolu Efes.