Not much is known about the establishment of Kösedere. From gravestones and old buildings around the village, it has been predicted that village is about 400-500 years old. With a population of 800, it is one of the biggest villages of town of Ayvacık. One particular characteristic of the village is that it maintains a steady population. The Antique City of Larissa is located in the direction of the sea from the village. The village has a very fertile plain therefore vegetable and fruit growing is very developed, making the village a valuable brand in the region. In Çanakkale’s markets and bazaars products are marketed as “produce of Kösedere”. The most famous produce is its tomoatoes. You can get many of your supplies in Kösedere. You can relax at the coffeehouse right next to the stream and have a chat with the locals in the shade under the tall trees whilst enjoying your drink.

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