It is located 2km to the north of the Achilleus Tumulus. Yeniköy was founded by migrants from Bulgaria in 1951 right next to the former Greek village that was abandoned in 1915. It is the best location to eat and have a rest within the National Park borders. Yeniköy, with its long sandy beaches and clear waters offers the best seaside experience in the region. As you proceed to the south, you will get to Papaz Beach, where you can find comfortable accomodation alternatives. Bozcaada is clearly visible in the distance as you are coming down from the hill towards the beach. At the far end of the shore, where the lighthouse is, is Beşik-Yassıtepe. The excavations in Beşik-Yassıtepe were carried out by M. Osman Korfmann from 1981 to 1987.

39.933119, 26.164178